'Live & Work in Minto' Showcased Across The Province

Live & Work in Minto Job & Housing Portal

Awareness of the Town of Minto's 'Live & Work in Minto' job and housing website has spread across Ontario recently, along with local businesses' plight to fill open job positions.

Wide Range Of Positions Available

The Town of Minto's fairly unique challenge of just a 3.7% unemployment rate means that there are growing businesses across a broad spectrum of industries that are finding it difficult to fill open positions.

Sectors Hiring Include

  • Creative Industries
  • Information & Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Agricultural Industries
  • Health Care
  • Restaurants  

Provincial Media Coverage

Minto's successful economy that has greatly outpaced the provincial average, coupled with available jobs and housing, are gaining attention across Ontario in major media outlets.

Broadcasts on CKNX, CTV and CBC

CKNX Radio

Mike Harford of CKNX interviewed the Town of Minto's Belinda Wick-Graham, Manager for Economic Development on February 18th about the community's need to fill open employment positions.


CTV News London

Featured on the evening news broadcast on Tuesday February 23rd, the Town of Minto and several of the municipality's growing businesses were showcased.

CBC Radio 1 Ontario Morning

On CBC Radio 1's 'Ontario Morning' with Wei Chen, on Thursday February 25th, Belinda Wick-Graham was interviewed once more with a focus on our growing economy, need for jobs, and the 'Live & Work in Minto' jobs and housing platform.


Escape from the chaos of daily city life and discover why Minto is where your family belongs!

If you have questions about job and home listings in Minto, contact Belinda Wick-Graham at the Town of Minto, 519-338-2511 x 241 or email belinda@town.minto.on.ca.